Ojutu Agrovil Farm Management Software

Agrovil farm management software is developed to help farmers record and manage inventory and sales of farm produce with powerful reporting and analytics that give immediate insight to overall performance and much more…

Fully optimized for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Fully optimized

Make marketing decisions based on reliable, comparable product costs.

Marketing Decisions

“Right size” your overhead and production capacity.


Cost control at a measurable, manageable and repeatable level.

Cost Control

Optimize levels of production to match cost center capacity.


Simplified data entry


Real-time Financial Reporting


How it works



Provides at-a-glance view of the poultry and instantly gives you data on feed materials not in stock.


Pen Management – Create and manage pens.
Here, you can view the status of the pen, edit the pen, move birds out for sale, record mortality, change the bird stages, administer drugs, feed the birds, pick eggs and record all other expenses.
You can easily sort through the pen using pen name or bird stage or type of bird.

Bird Management– Manage birds
Here you can create bird types (Cockerels, Layers, Broilers, etc). You can also create bird stages (day old, point of lay, etc). If you want to assign batches to the pen and birds that go through them, you can also create batches here.

Egg Management
All the eggs picked are managed here. You can create different egg types (big eggs, cracked eggs, small eggs, etc). You can also move eggs to different sections (from poultry to stock inventory, from stock to sales, etc). You can also sort through egg types for quicker, refined results.

Feed Management
Whether you produce your own feed (Feed Mill) or purchase feed from other vendors or do both, you can manage all of that in this section. Create feed formula, manage the feed material and their percentage composition, and produce feed. The system automatically deducts the materials that make up that feed helping you maintain accurate records on feed materials. And if you purchase your own feed, simply create the feed and stock it from the transactions section.

Drug Management
Here, you can create and manage drugs and their stock keeping unit. Every time a drug is administered, it deducts from the original quantity and you can view quantity left in stock. You can also remove (deduct) from the quantity in stock in cases where it is damaged or expired or for whatever reason of which the system prompts you to enter.

Product Management
The product management page is highly intuitive and helps you synchronize your poultry products with their categories. Create the product name, choose the category, sync with the appropriate product, enter the SKU (crates, pieces, etc), in the case of eggs you can enter the consisting quantity (e.g. 30 eggs = 1 Crate). Selling price can be inputted here as well to track product sale.

Miscellaneous Management
Other items that are used directly or indirectly in the poultry that you will like to track their usage can be created and managed here. These items may include saw dust, charcoal, nails, bulbs etc. Simply create them and indicate the SKU here and they will be shown during product purchase.


The product purchase page is simple and intuitive. Buy from your vendors and have their info entered. The system learns and stores them for next time you make any purchase from them. So whether you are buying Feed, Feed materials, Birds, Drug, Miscellaneous or others, the system helps you put your purchased products to their individual sections and where they belong.

Here, you sell you products (eggs, birds) to you customers. Their basic info (name, phone number/address is indicated. Payment method (Cash, Cheque, or Card) is selected. Products to be sold are chosen from the drop down, the quantity is specified and the system calculates the amount based on the selling price. An invoice is generated for each successful sale.


Poultry Report
The report page gives you both an overview and detailed analysis of how your poultry is doing, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. The filters are very flexible, you can tweak them to get even more refined and precise report on your farm. So if you want details, the report page gives you report on the following: Purchase, Sales, Egg picking, Drug Administering, Pen Feeding, Miscellaneous Expenses and the overall Pen Assessment Report. You will find the Pen Assessment Report very informative. It gives you a broad view on individual pen performance including Mortality (total, daily average, rate), Feed Consumption (total, daily average, rate), Egg Production (total, daily average, rate) among others. The system also helps you calculate the cost of production.

Track Record
All activities that go on in the system are tracked for accountability. You can sort through the logs by user, action and date, and details of the action will be displayed showing time and action taken. So if something doesn’t add up right, be sure to go through the logs.


Roles and Privileges
Users are managed here. Create users (User Logins) and assign roles and privileges to them. This will help you control the system and hold your staff accountable to their duties in the farm.


Custom Settings
Customize your poultry here. Edit your farm name, change your logo, edit your address/contact and welcome message. The manager’s profile can be managed here. You can also change your currency here.

Security Settings
Manage security of the system here. Track logins, view successful and failed login attempts and block unauthorized IP addresses.


  • Dashboard
  • Pen Management
  • Feed Management
  • Feed Management
  • Feed Management
  • Drug Management
  • Bird Management
  • Egg Management
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Poultry Report
  • Track Record
  • Users
  • Security Settings
  • Custom Settings

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