Ojutu Libraville

It is a web-based software developed to house educational materials of different file formats (audios, videos, pictures, doc, txt, PDF, etc) where registered users can search, study, view these materials instantly or download them to their devices for later study.

Ojutu Libraville has two different sides, the admin side and the user side. The admin side helps to manage (upload and edit) materials, add new members and classes, moderate forums, check security, perform backup and restore operations, and edit custom settings.

The user side is for members to access and study materials in the library, share materials with other members, engage in forum activities and manage their profile.

Multi-Platform Support

Depending on your requirements, the software can be implemented on an independent machine, over a local area network or on the internet so you can access it from anywhere at anytime. While it has been fully optimized for Desktop Computers; it is dynamic, responsive and compatible with all tablets and mobile devices.

Multi-Platform Support

Round the Clock Availability

A major advantage of e-libraries is that people can gain access 24/7 to the information.

Round the Clock Availability

Multiple Access

The same resources can be used simultaneously by more than one user.

Multiple Access

No Physical Boundary

The user of an e-library need not to go to the library physically; people from all over the world can gain access to the same information, as long as they’re connected.

No Physical Boundary

Information Retrieval

The user is able to use any search term (word, phrase, title, name, subject) to search the entire collection.

Information Retrieval


A very user-friendly interfaces, giving smooth, simple and click-able access to all resources.


Preservation and Conservation

Digitization is not a long-term preservation solution for physical collections, but does succeed in providing access copies for materials that would otherwise fall to degradation from repeated use. 

Preservation and Conservation

Quick Navigation

In tables of contents pages and within HTML articles and chapters, you can quickly skip to other sections and pages.

Quick Navigation


Whereas traditional libraries are limited by storage space, digital libraries have the potential to store much more information, simply because digital information requires very little physical space to contain them and media storage technologies are more affordable than ever before.



You can save any journal, book, article or chapter to view quickly next time you log in.


How it works


User Side


The dashboard welcomes you to the e-library. Here a library user sees an overview of his profile and activities in the e-library. This includes recent materials, most studied materials and favourite materials. This helps you keep track of the materials you are most interested in and you can open or download them quickly without going to search in the main library.


Browse through materials of different subjects. The materials include audio and video files, texts and PDF, and other supported file types. Select the material you want and either view within the software or download to your own device. Users can mark a material as a favourite so it displays in the dashboard for easier retrieval. Users can also recommend books to other members by tagging their library ID.


Materials marked as favourites by a library user are displayed here. The user
may either view them again or download them straight from this page. Clicking on the yellow “star” icon will remove the material from your list of favourites.


All materials recommended by other users will be displayed here. This encourages sharing among members. Users can also easily open these materials or download them to their devices.


Get social, join the forum, start your own thread, like or comment on existing ones, share ideas, discuss materials. This is what the forum is about. This forum is moderated by an admin. Threads and posts flagged as inappropriate may be removed from the forum by the admin.


Notifications on comments on threads are displayed here. Reply to continue the discussion that most interests you.


Members manage their profile here, change username, password and class here.

Admin Side


Here, the library administrator sees an overview of activities in the library. This includes daily stats of materials studied and downloaded by members, yearly stats and graphic charts of member logins, studies and downloads.


New members (Library users) and classes (Categories) are created and managed here. Upload the picture of user and provide the required details.


New materials are added and edited here. Upload the material cover art/image and complete the form with the required details.


The forum is moderated here. Posts, replies flagged as inappropriate are removed by the admin here.


Manage Admins/Track Activities
Administrators can be created and managed and different roles and privileges can also be assigned. Admins perform different activities; these activities are recorded and can be tracked


Track user login, admin login, and block intrusive IP addresses.


Customize the e-library to suit your organization or instution. Upload your logo, update your welcome message, address and contact information.


  • Dashboard
  • Library Home
  • Library
  • Library Material
  • Favourites
  • Forum
  • Recommended
  • Settings
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Administrators
  • Library Material
  • Edit Library Material
  • Monitor Library
  • Manage Classes
  • Manage Members
  • Moderate Forum
  • Track Administrators
  • Utilities

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