On this day I look at myself,
like the short stocky elf,
that doesn’t find it hard to reach for the shelf,
all I ever wanted was a benz for myself …

Every morning I have a reason to praise the lord,
It’s cos of the six feet flight I’m yet to board.
In cases like this, my rhymes be my isolation pod,
wanna be a ruler, something like Zod…

The problem comes like naturally,
I think I’m it personally,
but still I’ve been loved unconditionally,
step by step…..here it comes, gradually…

I have dreams I’ll love to be a reality,
and with it are the issues of my spirituality,
my life shows a lot of versatility,
but still lacking a lot of responsibility…

I lay my pen to paper,
cast out like a leper,
I put my feelings in sheets… diaper,
crying inside, no one to pamper…

I find it hard to convey this messages,
even to the rock of ages,
it gets harder by the ages stages,
still it’s coming through these pages…

I love everything except myself,
I’ve fucked up, yes I accept,
we all make mistakes, I don’t exempt myself,
cos all equations I’ll attempt…

Everyday It’s like it gets worse by the second,
in the black book I dey always carry first never second,
even though I’m the last, also the family’s second,
shit happens, mine counts on the clock, in seconds…

These days, I get the meaning of 2pac’s all eyes on me,
I ain’t talking popularity, it’s my flaws they all see,
three legged walker with pride, but still gotta bend my knee,
and everyone is like what happened to thee?

I’m tired of this questions but what am I to do?
It’s reality, how many of them am I gonna shoo?
I don’t need your sorry as a pity tool,
I’m still myself so I tell u it’s all good…

Church was cool until they saw my three legs,
it’s reality can’t hide forever at home… living hell,
it’s like walking with your hands and kicking kegs,
the surprise on the visitors face when I answer the bell…

The reality still goes on… Forever more…
The pains eating me up, right to the core,
my personal wound … the increasing sore;
I’ve built up my fences higher than the last one she tore!

Reality, I meet new people day by day,
no new friends…. f**k drake,
chatting all day…. all you do is say,
you see people living life so fake…

I remembered that day stepping on the brake,
said,” f**k it” as I ate d cake,
about 10 lives and all were at stake,
it all comes down to the blame that I take…

Reality you don’t want to be in my shoes,
‘cos I always turn my back to the clues,
I wanna get down with the blues,
this nigga is rugged only that is true…

I’m odd like I got a flu,
I’m where I am, they think I flew,
still strong through the wind that blew,
unnoticed at the back of the pew…

Still I look round… oh thank God,
niggas wanna stick with me, bud,
even wen I fall he silences the loud thud,
just one request don’t cut the cord…

It’s reality we gotta appreciate,
everybody, to niggas that hate,
God himself for getting me outta them bait,
It’s reality that I own this fate…

They trying to get me but I keep rising up,
still got ahead of them to the top,
and still humbly serve them from the boss’s cup,
and after the celebration I hand them the mop…

These days everyone wants to say hi,
the new walking style is the reason why,
to put up a smile, I try,
but still the ending is bye…

Reality I choose where I don’t belong,
the hustlers den for the victory song,
my eyes opened and I see It’s all wrong,
amma rise amidst the waging tongues…

Reality is this rhyme,
in reality I dwell and lie,
it reacts and gots It’s time,
but this will never pass me by…

Reality every day,
reality; some peeps thought me was gay,
I’m doing things ain’t achieved by peeps with hair grey,
and enemies keep staring at their untouchable prey…

In reality, I’m on this shit for days,
and still a role model anyways,
like a boss I’m served in the golden tray,
even though work doesn’t pay…

In reality nothing ever comes easy,
I wanna be a boss with plenty effizy,
that cake might look sweet and cheasy,
but when in the oven it faces heat to make it jizzy…

In reality everyone is fried and baked in their homes,
outside we all face others individual clones,
nobody is a magician “sherlock holmes”,
to make up a skeleton is a combination of different bones…

In reality I’m not as old as I look,
I’m not a porshe nigga if u read my life book,
I laid my foundation well, got outside and it shook,
bringing it all back together is all it took…

In reality I’ve done things you’ll never dream of,
I’ve learned of the bad and good thereof,
I’ve got a lot of love, just sometimes switched off,
I’ve had my slice and I think It’s enough,

This is different, it’s reality.
Out of my dream world and fantasy,
as this shit happens …. not probability,
anything is possible, no magnanimity…

Reality … tribulations comes and go,
yes we all reap what we sow,
only when you shine your light will you glow,
don’t dream to be Adenuga ‘cos you’ll never own glo…

Aspire for whatever you desire,
Jah has provided everything you require,
you need no false prophet to inquire,
you will die one day so no go hang for wire…

Reality… What on earth am I here for?
Ask your God… even if nah to kpofo,
He should be your role model, not nsofor,
look down on no one, even that baba alagbafo…

It’s reality live life as yourself,
and only then there will be satisfaction not regret,
others are just bonuses…. It’s all about yourself,
photocopy no easy….on that I can place my bet…

We all know the bad from the good,
you decide whichever you choose,
even if one goes easy and the other crude,
with one you’ll win and with the other you’ll lose…

Reality, we all should face it,
your dreams, yes they can make it,
believe, have faith, but don’t fake it,
every good chance you get… take it…


Written by:
Jesutimilehin A. C. Odemuyiwa

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