We are dishing out SimpleStore updates to all our users and we will like to use this opportunity to thank you again for providing the feedback to make this software better.

With this update, a lot of operations have been made simpler and we have moved some functions to fewer pages so you can get your job done with speed and no stress at all.

Let me quickly walk you through the new update, this will not take time.



Manage your items better, same page, fewer clicks.

Sub-feature previously referred to as – ‘Manage meals’; now referred to as – ‘Composite items’.

With the new update, “Meals” will now be known as “Composite Items”. Manage meals was more of a restaurant feature that allowed you to create meals by putting together the items that make up that meal.

jollof rice
For example, jollof rice, fried chicken and plantain can be put together and sold as a meal even though they can be stocked separately.

Another example is when u need to make a cocktail e.g: Pina Colada.

pina colada
Here you need to mix white rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. “Manage meals” was a feature created for this purpose.

We have extended this feature to non-restaurant users who also have composite items in their inventory.

So when you sell composite items, the individual items are also deducted in the inventory.

Here are some more scenarios:

Scenario 1

Assuming you run a boutique and need to sell three items (A shirt, a trouser and a belt) in a special package as one commodity; this feature helps you create the item in your inventory as a composite item consisting of each individual item that make up of it as one.

Scenario 2


You have a shopping mall and you need to assemble a gift hamper, this feature helps u create a hamper pack and takes care of you inventory.


Manage Items
There is more to this feature than a mere change of name.
Now, in ‘Manage Item’ section, we have two tabs – “Basic Items” and “Composite Items”. You no longer need to jump from page to page to create and manage basic or composite items. They are now on the same page.

The number of individual items that make up composite items is set to a maximum of 100 items.
Deleting an item that make up a composite item will deactivate the sale of the ‘composite item’.

Bulk/Single and Single Only

Also on the same page, we have simplified the process of switching between Bulk/Single Item and Single Only Item.
“Bulk/Single” items are items that are sold in both bulk (e.g: carton/packs) and unit (e.g: pieces) quantities. Single items are only sold in unit.

Bulk/Single and Single Only Snapshot

Now, when creating or editing an item, you can easily toggle between the bulk/single or single only feature and allow the software to take care of the rest.

An example of the benefit of this is a local store that sells rice in bags and in cups. The software would allow you to specify your measurements (how many cups make a bag) and manage the rest of this process smoothly. Another example is selling drinks in bottles and shots.



We have also made the sales report simpler.
The new sales report page makes it easy to generate your reports on the same page.

Sales Report

  1. The ‘Today’ option under the Sales Report drop down has been removed and merged with the previous ‘Custom’ option. This means that you can get both ‘today’ and ‘custom’ sales reports on a more interactive page. To generate reports for today, all you need to do is click on the date field and specify the date from the calendar that pops up.
  2. Depending on your requirement, you can quickly toggle between basic and advanced options while defining parameters needed to generate your report.
  3. The ‘Item View’ functionality has been added to the ‘Report Filter’ options.



The invoice has been improved and now has two styles. You can choose any of the styles while defining your custom settings.

Invoice Toggle

Style 1
The former invoice style displays the normal order with the basic transaction information for your customers.

Invoice Style 1

Style 2

Invoice Style 2



The backup and restore functionality has been greatly improved and made faster. No matter the size of your database, you don’t need to shut down your business to perform a data backup.


In conclusion

While the updates listed above are major update changes, a lot other visible minor changes have been made to the application. The U.I has also been updated. I can say particularly that I love the fixed menu on top.

Asides visible changes on the front end, a lot of modifications have been made under the hood to ensure the application runs even faster and more smoothly than before.

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