Let us share a short story with you:

Chuka runs a car dealing business. He wants to take his business to the next level with a catchy website that publicizes it to the rest of the world. He decides to employ Raphael to create a website for him. Raphael delivers and creates a wonderful website.


Everytime Chuka has a new arrival of cars, he always has to call on Raphael to update the website with information on them. Raphael  a very busy web designer does his best to keep up with his content and updates the site as requested. Sometimes, he meets up with his demand and sometimes dissapoints Chuka.

At first, Chuka thinks he can cope with this but as his business grows and demand increases, it’s very difficult for his website to catch up with his business. He is also tired of paying Raphael everytime to update the website.

What do you think is the way out of Chuka’s dilemma?

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Since PHP, CMS has been considered among the most powerful tools for web development on the internet. In the market where web development is done in an easier and faster way, to get the job done various developers are opting for CMS.

Want to manage your own website content?

The benefits of being in control of your website are obvious; instant updates whenever you want them and the ability to add new content like blogs and news to keep your site interesting and up to date. Visitors will keep coming back to your site to see what you’re writing about!

What’s more, adding new website content on a regular basis spells good news for your search engine ranking because the search engines love regularly updated content. If your website is going to change on a regular basis, you need Commodus otherwise you’ll be forever reliant on someone else doing the updates for you.

Your Website in Your Hands

Commodus Content Management System (CMS) allows you to instantly update your content as and when you please by simply logging in through a secure web browser. CMS websites are the future of web design and offer significant benefits over ‘static’ websites that need to be updated by a designer.
Log in, Make your changes, Update! And the job is done!
Wherever you are, provided you have access to the internet, you can login to a secure area on your website, make the changes you want, click ‘update’ and there you have it; website updated.You can make changes such as:

  • Amend or add new content to your web pages
  • Replace or add new images and videos
  • Update price lists and product ranges
  • Add or remove pages
  • Post news and blogs
  • Add new links
  • Promote your latest special offers
  • Secure your website against attackers.

And lots more!

You love our site right? Well, it runs on Commodus. Yours can even be much better! *big smile*

Are you fed up with not being in control of your website? Or want to set up a new site you can manage yourself whenever you wish?

Contact Us today to implement Commodus for you.


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